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Trans Electric Company is the leading electrical contracting firm for water and waste water treatment plants, serving Tennesse, Kentucky and Alabama.

Our highly trained, focused team are experts in the field. We focus strictly on water and waste water treatment plants which allows us to be the best in the industry, offering the best solutions to complex projects.

From large to small projects, we have worked with countless municipalities over the years, large and small, helping them with all of their electrical needs for their water, waste water and pump station needs. From new WWTP, WTP projects to expansions and maintenance, we have the skills, the team and the resources to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Contact one of our team members today to discuss your water and waste water electrical needs and find out for yourself how Trans Electric Company can take your project from the drafting board and make it a reality. You can depend on us for all of your Water, Waste Water, Raw Water Intakes and Pump Stations needs.

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